25 January 2007

Credit Union Apple Commercial Spoof

Here are some pretty funny spoofs on the popular Apple vs. PC commercials - this time with a credit union vs. bank twist:

Happy to Serve

Money to Blow

Under the Table

These parodies were created by the fine folks at bankerspank.com.


Anonymous said...

Matt -

I love the Bankerspank ads! These are original and creative - and quite mysterious! Anyone know who put these together?

Matt, the Credit Union Warrior said...

I have contacted Bankerspank to find that information. My limited detective abilities have been unfruiful (domain is registered anonymously through GoDaddy, links off the website go to woccu.org and creditunion.coop - no help there). If I find out and have permission to disclose, I'll break that news right here.

Matt, the Credit Union Warrior said...

I have been unable to get a response from bankerspank.com....the mystery continues. Who are they? How can we get them to keep churning out entertaining ads?