18 April 2007

It's a Boy (err....young warrior)!

The Credit Union Warrior had his first son April 10, 2007. Quinn Allan Davis was born at 9:49 PM at Forsyth Medical Center in Winston-Salem, NC. Look out, banks, it won't be long until "Credit Union Quinn" continues the good fight!

I made a video (not gruesome, I swear), which can be accessed by clicking here.


Dan Veasey said...

Congratulations! That's the first of many many videos. I love to see proud parents! Best wishes for your growing family from your friends across the state line.
Piedmont Credit Union

Matt, the Credit Union Warrior said...


Thank you so much! I definitely find myself thinking about the little fella nonstop. The whole process is quite amazing - I can definetly understand now why they call it the "miracle of birth".

Hope all is well in Danville!

Trey Reeme said...

Wow, Matt! Many congrats, and a great name choice, BTW. Loved the Quinn tributes in the video.

I laughed out loud when, after Brady, I saw Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

Matt, the Credit Union Warrior said...


As a Hoosier for most of my life, I had to have at least one IU reference, didn't I? Quinn Buckner was as good as any! :)

CU Communicator said...

Matt -

Congrats on the new addition to CU Warrior Nation! The video was outstanding - one of our staffers here who is pregnant really enjoyed seeing it!