22 April 2008

Help Vancity Win a Webby!

Vancity Credit Union's Change Everything blog has been nominated for the extremely prestigious Webby Awards. A site that excites people about making positive changes (big or small) for themselves, their communities, or the world, Change Everything is a truly amazing display of what social media in the credit union space can be. Certainly check the site out if you haven't already.

Vancity's competition is quite fierce, as they are up against Bebo, Facebook, Flock, and Ning - all tremendous sites themselves. So, we need your help! Register to vote in the Webby competition by clicking here. Look for the Social Media category and cast your vote for Change Everything.

Next, if you have your own blog post the following video and Webby instructions so your readers will cast a vote for Change Everything as well.

Thanks, and however the vote turns out we already know that Change Everything is an amazingly great addition to the Web generally, and credit unions specifically.