26 June 2008

The Polls Are Open!

Voting is underway for the guest speaker opening at the Trabian/Forum Partnership Symposium. While I am one of the candidates for the spot, I encourage you to view all of the entrants and vote for the one that you would most like to see at this event.

As Ginny Brady and Andy LaFlamme are close blogosphere friends of mine, I would love to see either of them voted as guest speaker royalty. Just view the vids and vote for your favorite.




Ginny Brady said...

Hi Matt, thanks for the kind words. This has been lots of fun. Developing and producing the video was a great learning experience. In fact, even though I can't go to BCBBC I'm toying with the idea of submitting a (long distance) Pecha Kucha entry just for the heck of it.

Matt, the Credit Union Warrior said...

@Ginny I think that would be a great addition that they would (should) welcome with open arms. I'll be honest, Pecha Kucha scares me to death. I'm not sure I can sport the brevity to pull it off! :)