01 November 2008

Current Issues in Credit Unions Episode #30

Three lawyers and a Credit Union Warrior log onto a Skype teleconference....

Last week, I was afforded the sincere honor of guest starring on a Current Issues in Credit Unions podcast. Hosted by the amazing Rob Rutkowski, and joined by Hal Scoggins and Katherine Weber, Current Issues in Credit Unions Episode #30 gave me a wonderful opportunity to speak with three of the best minds in credit union law.

What I love about this group is their approach to regulation. While many in their field seem to look for reasons why a new project will NOT work, this crew looks for ways to foster innovation within the confines of regulation. That's ideal for marketers like me who like to come up with wild ideas. Don't tell me why something won't work. Tell me what I need to adjust so the initiative will be both legal and effective.

Check out the podcast here, and make sure you go through their entire library for amazingly detailed discussions on current credit union issues, regulations, and their implications.


Denise Wymore said...


I loved being a guest on the lawyer lalapalooza. They're a great bunch of people.


Ashli Moore said...

I got to listen to this last week and it sounded great. Some great topics...nice job.

Matt, the Credit Union Warrior said...

@denise and @ashli: Sorry for the late response, but THANKS! Rob and gang do such a great job with those podcasts...I even learned that some CU's use the CIICU podcasts as training for their compliance folks. How cool is that?