14 November 2008

Maybe It's Time to Laugh About the Credit Crisis?

I spent a great amount of time in the past month creating, editing, and publishing the following video about the causes of the current credit crisis. My focus was nearly 100% on subprime mortgage lending.


I have always been sure that better explanations and better presentations existed, but I was quite comfortable with my finished project. It wasn't until today that I realized where I goofed. I was too serious. Sometimes, when things get really bad, the best thing you can do is sit back and laugh about it.

William Azaroff linked this video on his blog today that pulled off what I absolutely could not. You see, I tried to make the material digestible by simplifying the subject matter. This presentation makes people listen because it's, well, funny. Though you won't be able to figure out whether to laugh or cry sometimes, one thing is for sure: this video keeps your attention. Thank you, William, for unearthing this!


wazaroff said...

Hi Matt. Happy you liked the video. It was a good find.

I think there's a need for seriousness, especially when you're talking directly to your members. Would your members see your organization as not taking this issue seriously if you made a funny video?

Or would they appreciate your irreverent take on educating them?

Interesting question.

Matt, the Credit Union Warrior said...

@william You can't educate unless you get people to hear the story. I think the most effective communicators pair the hard facts with entertainment. That's where I fell short.

wazaroff said...

I wouldn't say you fell short. How many FIs did what you did at all? Any coherent effort is a good effort. It's one of those things that even if your members don't watch it, I'm sure many feel reassured if they simply know you're doing this kind of education.

Winter Prosapio said...

Great video. Thanks for sharing, Matt.

The ending is a bit chilling, isn't it. Certainly not a message to send to members.

I enjoyed yours as well, and this American Life and NPR money blogs have done some follow up. Might be of interest.

Looking forward to more videos featuring the helmet,

Matt, the Credit Union Warrior said...

William and Winter: Thank you for your kind comments. The trick, certainly, will be finding a way to attract people to the message without making the audience feel like you are negating the seriousness of the situation. You catch more flies with honey, for sure, but you want to also see if maybe, say, peanut butter would work better.

My effort was stale bread. Glad I did it - and it was well-received by members. I just think this type of presentation would have had a lot more potential to attract people to the movement if I had found a way to make it more entertaining. Something that a viewer would email to all of his/her friends...or insist that they pick up the DVD.

winter prosapio said...

This is why I get all my news from the Daily Show. Because when you laugh it takes the edge off the outrage.

Matt, the Credit Union Warrior said...

Winter: Jon Stewart and I both went to the College of William & Mary. He played soccer there. I lived with the soccer team. Maybe it was the decade between us, or the fact that he was actually a player, I don't know...but I didn't develop his gift for humor. I feel cheated. :)