06 December 2008

Pizza Hut Requires SPAM Opt-In?

Pizza Hut has decided forced email opt-in is perfectly acceptable for customers who choose to order online. News flash: this tactic is not acceptable at all.

I couldn't imagine requiring my credit union members to sign up for our electronic newsletter just to be able to use our drive-through windows. Or, what if my grocery store required me to give them my email address to use the 12 Items or Less checkout lane? Would that be OK for you? Of course not.

Nonetheless, that's exactly the type of thing Pizza Hut is doing to customers who attempt to order online. At the end of the PizzaHut.com registration Page 1 (of 2), you are required to opt-in to receive email solicitations, offers, etc. from the red roofed pizza giant. Are you kidding me?! Forced opt-in to SPAM?!? For making your job easier?!?

Pizza Hut has every right to ask for permission to send me marketing material - I don't blame them for that at all. What in the world makes them think, however, that forcing me to "receive information about Pizza Hut® coupons, promotions, announcements, events and specials" is OK?

Not only am I not going to accept that agreement, I'm going to go find something else to eat...like a Papa John's pizza.


Tim McAlpine said...

Yeah, that is harsh. And to use the privacy policy as a confusing excuse is bizarre.

Anonymous said...

wow, not cool on the required opt-in.

Thanks for commenting on my blog, by the way! Saving is a tricky thing...

Steven said...

unfortunately this is becoming the new trend in the online food ordering world. I was sure Papa johns automatically sends the special coupons to you as well, I guess I will have to double check since I get those in my spam box. The best solution I find is to set up a false email address for these things. That way you get what you want without the hassle and the spam goes to fake account instead. Its sad what the world is coming to these days dont you think. By the way GO CREDIT UNION MOVEMENT, i am an enthusiastic employee and member of my (1 out of only 4 left in the whole U.S.) student run credit union.

Matt, the Credit Union Warrior said...

@Tim I really wish their pizza wasn't so good! :) Will definitely make my personal boycott tougher.

@graduatedlearning Not cool at all, I agree. Thanks for stopping by - I enjoyed reading your blog.

@Steven It's a shame we have to set up bogus email addresses for cases like this, but I agree with you. That may be the only way around it. By the way, student-run credit unions are so cool! Hopefully you can be a big part of the movement's future. We need more young, passionate people to help us continue our mission.