03 April 2009

Your Symposium - October 7-8, 2009

In 2007, the North Carolina Credit Union League's Jeff Hardin and I decided to take a trip out to Fishers, Indiana, for the Trabian/Forum Solutions Partnership Symposium. We had both recently gotten involved in the credit union blogosphere, and saw it as an excellent opportunity to meet in person with the personalities behind our favorite industry blogs.

What we experienced far exceeded our expectations. Sure, we got to meet wonderful people like Tim McAlpine, Gene Blishen, Nala Henkel, Brent Dixon, Trey Reeme, Matt Dean, Doug True, Jeff Stephens, Robbie Wright, Shari Storm, Denise Wymore, Ron Shevlin, Rob Rutkowski, Charlie Trotter, Guy Messick, and many others, but the content and discussion that the speakers and attendees generated were second to none. I credit this event almost entirely with inspiring me to create Members Credit Union's "What are you saving for?" program, and building lasting friendships that have grown infinitely stronger as the years have passed.

If you would like to attend the most rewarding conference in America for innovations in financial services, I highly recommend that you try to attend this year's Partnership Symposium. This is completely a break-even type event, so pricing is unbelievably low. $225 will get you two full days of speakers, six meals, and a priceless amount of inspiration, knowledge, and fellowship.

Last year, I was lucky enough to be voted in as a guest speaker at the event. This was a nerve-racking experience for sure, but will always be considered a highlight of my career. Would you like to be a speaker this year? Do what I did. Create a video. Submit it to Forum Solutions. Campaign for votes. The following video describes the process in more detail.

Find more videos like this on Your Symposium

Do yourself a favor, and do all that you can to attend or speak at this event. You won't regret it, I promise.


Doug said...

Matt... we really appreciate your support for the symposium. We are crowd sourcing the event so we still need 78 attendee pledges and 7 sponsors. Dr. Manning has agreed to keynote the event which is a can't miss session given these economic times. Doug

ryan said...

Ahh - the Right Said Fred incident could have been my opening! Darn.