31 August 2009

Hat Tip to Bucky Sebastian, CreditUnions.com

Bucky Sebastian wrote an excellent article for the July 2009 Callahan Report entitled "New Thinking about Affinities." The good folks at CreditUnions.com posted the story today for your reading pleasure.

I'm honored that he referenced my presentation "Oprah, Chicken, and the Future of Credit Unions." The test of course is seeing if we have the will-power, as a movement, to find some ways to facilitate the creation of new affinity group based credit unions as proposed.

For those who did not see my presentation from earlier this summer, here it is again:


Sara Dyer said...

Matt, that's fantastic! Great article, and a nice shout out to you. Bucky is speaking at one of our meetings in November, and I am really looking forward to hearing what he has to say.

Elliott Kashner said...

And thank you, Matt, for your original thinking and analysis, and for raising the level of discourse about credit unions. We are always happy to feature thought leaders in the industry.

everythingcu said...

Spectacular, Matt. Thank you so much for sharing this - I was so impressed when I saw that you were going to be speaking at that gig - and now I'm thrilled that I have gotten to hear your eloquent thoughts. I bet you got a standing ovation, and if you didn't, you should have.

I am SO glad that you share with me the thought that it's not all about economies of scale. Economies of scale is the biggest mirage that continues without enough consideration to the DISeconomies of scale.

This reminds me of the Got beer? blog entry and convo.