21 August 2009

Things That Made Me Happy Last Week

I have been getting a little cranky on my blog lately. That stinks. The thing is...I'm just as passionate about things I like as I am about things I don't like.

So, after an amazing week at CUDE training, I thought I'd write about some of the things that really made me happy in the last seven days.

Jeff Hardin's friendship.
Mout Rainier's beauty.
Matt Vance's passion.
Tom Decker's quiet intellect.
Bill Myers' creativity.
Carol Schillios' inspiration.
Jeremy Cybulski's comedy.
Jill Nowacki's drive.
Tim McAlpine's modest brilliance.
Jill Vicente's mastery of all things marketing and friendliness.
Larry Blanchard's love for credit unions.
Mike Banks' playfulness.
Gigi Williams' kindness.
Credit unions.
Pike Street Market.
Shari Storm's aura.
Terrell Meek's clever sense of humor.
Andytastic's wit.
Debbie Wege's Michael Jackson impersonation.
Brian and David's hospitality.
Bainbridge Island's peacefulness.
Islandwood's uniqueness.
Steve Delfin's perspective.
Jeanne Saarinan's patience.
30-minute ferry rides.
Ocean air.
Jason Lindstrom's calmness.
Pat Sterner's sharp mind.
Ava Milosevich's room presence.
Cassie Brown's ability to light up a room.
Jimmy Goodrum's smile.
Matt Kaudy.
Dress codes.
Una Townsend's accent and eloquence.
Shannon Tackett's extroversion.
Juan De Lora's dance moves.
Milly Cramer's animal identification skills.
Jimmy Marks' maturity.
South Africa.


Eric said...

Sounds like you had it good in the Pac NW last week. We held the sunny weather for you and allowed it rain for the first time in a while just this morning (a best-foot-forward move for guests hailing from the Hoosier state). Glad you had a fine time with fine company. We hope you visit again to connect and talk all things CU!

Matt_Vance said...

Amen to all the above... Had a blast hanging out for a week and digging deeper into credit unions alongside you.

gigi said...

I love this. Last week made me happy, too! <3 g

Jeff Hardin said...

Matt - it was truly a pleasure to spend the last week with you in the Great NW! What a wonderful movement, and what a great group of people!

So here's to friends new and old, lessons learned, perspectives gained.

And Safeway. :)

Anonymous said...

Matt, glad to have met you and I hope that DE training was everything you expected and more. As a mentor it was great to see everyone go through the process. If you ever need to bounce anything off of someone feel free to contact me. Rock on!

Jason Lindstrom

tackett_shannon said...

Matt you are such an incredible person and I enjoyed working with you this week. You are absolutely going to leave your mark!
Till we meet again...

James W said...

I spent some time at the Australian version of DE last year and it was a great experience. It seems like you had a good one too!

Tim McApine said...

It was great to see you Matt and I'm grateful that I can't hear anything at night after listening to your very interesting stories (three times). :)

Jeanne Saarinen said...

I am still on a high from IslandWood and your blog made me all warm and fuzzy inside! Thank you not only for this blog but for being part of the DE experience. You are an excellent writer and I am looking forward to reading your Filene and Desjardins stories!

Mike Banks said...


Great comments and thoughts. It was a great week at IslandWood. Hope to have the chance to continue to talk and see all the friends that were made last week.

Jill said...

The ripples of happiness start with you, Matt..........:).... Stop laughing.
Seriously, it was so great to finally meet you (and Tim and Jeff) and talk about credit unions and grocery stores and dietary requirements and open door policies and chicken wings. Please visit again!