05 February 2010

Help a Credit Union Friend Out

**UPDATED March 16, 2010** GREAT NEWS!!! The $506 we have raised through this initiative plus the miracle contribution from an angel donor have given us the necessary funds to run Jason's ad for 4 weeks!! I will be writing a blog post about this soon, but until then please know this: you all are wonderful human beings! I keep trying to put myself in Jason's shoes, and keep wondering what it would be like if I lost my job and no one went to bat for me. Clearly, credit union people take care of their own...thank you so much for reminding me of that. More details coming soon, I promise.

**UPDATED** A new campaign has started. $261 was raised in our first attempt. I refuse to believe we can't get enough people to donate $3-$5 to make this happen for a true credit union leader. Please try to imagine yourself in a similar situation. Now imagine the comfort you would feel if you knew there were others out there looking out for you.

Please help Jason Lindstrom get this ad placed in the Credit Union Times:

If 500 of us put $3.00 a piece in, we'll have enough. Maybe the Credit Union Times will give us a discount on that ad price as well...

Even better, if you know of an open position within the movement that would fit his talents/skills please pass that along as a comment to this post. Unemployment isn't fair for anyone, especially someone as talented, experienced, and well-rounded as Jason.


Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,

Thank you for setting this up. I so appreciate your efforts in helping me find my next position. You rock.

Thanks again!


Matt Vance said...

Great idea Jason...and Matt thanks for putting this together.

I find it crazy that some credit union hasn't swooped you up already. You're too much of a talent Jason to not be in our movement. Whoever hires you is going to be very very happy.

Leesa said...


Is he aware that PACU in W-S is looking to hire a VP of Marketing and Business Development?

John Holder said...

A very nice gesture Matt.

I've made my contribution and have also placed a news item on about 1,000 pages like this one:

The news item links to your page.

Hope it helps.

John Holder

Jill Nowacki said...

Do we get our money back if Jason gets a job before the ad runs? Kidding. My contribution is made. I'm committed to keeping Jason around.

Jeff Hardin said...

I paid $110 for two salmon planks and a bottle of BBQ sauce at the DE auction ... so how can I say no to something so wonderful as this?!

Thanks for setting this up, Matt!

Denise Wymore said...

This is what I love about the credit union Mafia, er family - we take care of our own damnit!

I'm in for $10.


Anonymous said...

Jill, I'll personally repay the money if I get a job before I can get the ad to run! No worries there.

Denise, thank you so much for your contribution!

I so appreciate all of the support!!!

Theresa said...

Jason - so sorry to hear this, but I know that your talent won't allow this time to last long.

I love Jeff's comment about the DE auction!

Theresa Hilinski
Islandwood 2007