11 February 2010

Off Topic: Cloudy with No Chance for a Point

One of the most underrated aspects of being a parent of a toddler is having a legitimate excuse to watch cartoons. Tonight, I watched a movie called "Cloudy with a Chance for Meatballs." If you actually want to watch the movie, skip the rest of this post because I'm going to spoil it for you.

The story basically goes like this: a kid named Flint is a creative genius, but his inventions always end up having pretty awful unintended consequences. Truth is, most of the inventions just really aren't that good. That is, until he creates a machine that, after launched into the sky, makes the sky rain food. Hamburgers, pizza, bacon, eggs, steak, and even ice cream fall out of the sky to the very appreciative citizens of Swallow Falls (who theretofore had to eat sardines for every meal).

Flint's a hero.

Everything's cool for the island until the machine starts creating food tornadoes, hurricanes, and raining larger and larger food items. Flint's invention, the very one that made people love him and excited people across the globe about visiting Swallow Falls, makes him public enemy number one. The island is virtually destroyed.

Flint's a bum.

Those of you who have read my blog over the years know that here is the part of my posts when I typically try to create a connection to the credit union world. I was all prepared to make a point or two about the innovation process, our short attention spans, and risk aversion. Instead, I'm going to tuck my son in and go to bed.

Oh, and don't worry...Flint ends up saving the day, gets a girlfriend, and ends up getting his stoic dad to admit he loves him. All's well.


Janine McBee said...

Love stories with happy endings! Even better when then end with fathers tucking their angels into bed.

Denise Wymore said...

I've wanted to see this movie just for the title. Now I have to see it.

Sweet dreams little warrior.