14 December 2010

A Question for You.

OK...we know things are broken. We've complained about it. We've criticized this. We've criticized that. We've talked about possible solutions. The key question is this:

What are you going to do about it?


Tim Bunch said...

Form a committee?

Matt Monge said...

You mean just blogging isn't enough? [/incredulous] [/sarcasm]

I think a lot about how Godin describes the posture of a Linchpin. Someone who's always leaning, pushing, doing. Someone who ships.

We've got to push our ideas out of the abstract and into reality. Innovation is worthless without implementation.

Matt Monge said...

Forgive the multiple posts, but another way to frame the question might be: Are you generating momentum?

What do you have in motion right now? Change - especially lasting, substantive change - doesn't just happen overnight. It doesn't just happen after a meeting. It doesn't happen just because we have a good idea or posted something provocative on our blog. Rather, it's a slow, difficult, and amazingly worthwhile endeavor that takes persistence, will, passion, and humility. It's about producing and then maintaining that positive momentum around ideas and initiatives.