09 March 2011

Why Just Block Charlie Sheen?

Because the Internet is magical there is now a Charlie Sheen browser blocker. This Firefox extension redacts all mentions of the fallen actor from appearing on your screen so you can go back to being your productive self.

Build a bank browser blocker in the name of saving consumers money. It would be better than tiger's blood.

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Matt said...

Since there's no contact info, I figured I'd put this in a comment. I'm just finishing up my master's in history, during which I wrote my thesis on the development of a credit union and thusly caught the credit union history bug. Now that my paper is done, I've decided to start a new blog as an outlet for my history nerdiness at http://www.cuhistory.blogspot.com. I'm hoping to do a bunch of things with this project, but am particularly interested in building a database of oral histories from the movement's elders. As such, on the off chance that you know of anyone who's also interested in this (admittedly) obscure topic, I'd be most appreciative of any connections. Thanks, and keep up the good work!