29 May 2007

Annual Financial Check-Ups??

We all have (or should have) annual health screenings. Why, I wonder, do we not put a similar level of importance on our financial health? Members Credit Union's (Winston-Salem, NC) newest newsletter explores the money-saving process of sitting down with a financial services representative to review your financial health. Those of you lucky enough to be a member of a credit union have a wonderful tool at your disposal - financial expertise that doesn't want to "sell" you something you don't need. Refreshing, isn't it?

Give this a shot. Next time you have 10-15 spare minutes at your credit union, ask to see a member service representative to go over your current financial situation. It is very possible that your financial institution has a great way to save you money of which you were not aware. The worst that can happen is the representative tells you that you are doing everything correctly and do not need to take on any new products or services. The best thing that could happen is you find a better way to invest your money or a cheaper way to borrow, saving you hundreds (even thousands) of dollars each year.

Have you had your annual financial check up?


CU Communicator said...

Hey Matt --

Who's that doctor?! :)

Seriously though, great concept -- and what a way to reach out to your members and offer them advice on their finances.


Matt, the Credit Union Warrior said...

What we have been most proud of so far is how much our members have embraced the concept. As their primary financial institution, they learned to trust us over the years. With that trust, they know they can count on us to offer an unbiased analysis of their financial needs. If we have a product or service that will make their life better, we tell them. If we do not, we fess up to it (and work hard to find ways to improve said product or service). It's truly (I hate this term, but will use it anyway) a win-win situation.

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