09 October 2007

Football Pick'em Week 5 Wrap-Up


CU Communicator said...

Warrior - Good video! I would take issue with the Atlanta comment you made, however ... as an Atlanta sports fan, the Dirty Birds are definitely scaring me! (So much so, I'm actually looking forward to the Hawks getting started in a couple of weeks!)

Nice going on the videos, and for joining up with CPCU on the Operation CU Troop effort.

Matt, the Credit Union Warrior said...


Thanks! Sorry - no love for the Dirty Birds. Although, the way they handled the Vick situation was perfect. No rush to judgement. no knee-jerk reaction. But when he plead guilty, the team quickly expressed their outrage with the atrocities he had committed. Top-notch crisis management.

I'm excited about Operation CU Troop! Any way we can help those brave men and women out, we certainly need take the time.