09 September 2010

DefaultCase Follow-Up

Last week I wrote about a seemingly too good to be true offer from DefaultCase for 1-cent iPhone Cases. I promised a follow-up, and am pleased to report that the deal was legit.

Today I received the first part of my order, a blue iPhone 4 case. It's actually a pretty nice case. I'll never understand why any of the iPhone cases you see at AT&T and the Apple Store cost $30-$35, but I guess as long as people keep paying for them... The case I received from DefaultCase is every bit as nice as some of the cases you find in other retail establishments. It fits my phone tightly, feels good in my hand, and seems pretty durable.

Is it worth the $35 list price? That's a tough one. But, again, I think all cases are over-priced. If DefaultCase could find it in their hearts to price these in the $15-$20 range, I think they'd find a huge market ready and willing to buy from them.

My favorite part of the package (aside from the fact that DefaultCase proved to me that sometimes really good deals are legit), was the letter that was included. I love their personality, their openness, and humor. See for yourself:

Also, here are some images of the case itself:


nancy (aka moneycoach) said...

nice! wtg for taking the chance and totally scoring. FTW!

Monica said...

hahaha! Can I borrow that letter for hugs too?

I also just kind of fell in love with their open-humor. It's very refreshing - in any industry. To me it says "Hey! We have a product, we hope you like it, we love it. Oh and by the way, thanks!"

Matt Monge said...

That, my friends, is an example of an organization that likely has a great deal of clarity around who they are and how they want to be perceived. That letter, along with the previous one, is a thing of beauty. Good stuff.