02 September 2010

An iPhone 4 Sucker's Experience with DefaultCase

Because I'm a sucker, I bought an iPhone 4. Because I bought an iPhone 4, I hang up on people all the time. It's embarrassing.

It was especially embarrassing last week when I hung up on a webinar I was hosting for CUES.

Now, because I'm a sucker I continue to think that, even though AT&T's network is terrible and the iPhone 4 is fatally flawed, I can still fix this situation. I've changed the way I hold it. No luck. I've used a bumper. No dice. Undeterred, I keep looking for a wonder case that will fix my phone's ills.

And because I'm a sucker, I responded tonight to a web ad for one-cent iPhone 4 cases from a company called DefaultCase. Regular price: $34.99. My price: $0.01.

Am I an idiot?!?!

(Don't answer that.)

I should be too embarrassed to tell you all about this. I mean, if it's too good to be true, it usually is. And the jury is still out about this one, too. But I want this tactic to be legitimate so badly.

Here's why.

The site makes no secret that they are trying to build their brand, get people to use their product, and encourage customers getting this deal to tell their friends about it. They offer a "Share" link that allows you to tell all of your Facebook friends about the great deal you got. This, of course, is not a unique tactic. But, get this. They don't force you to share the information. It's up to you.


Then, I get the following email:

Don't go to the site to buy these cases until I tell you how this thing turns out. BUT...if this is legit, I love them and their style. And if this is legit, it's one of the best examples of humanizing a brand, living transparency, and being remarkable I've seen in years.


Josh Jones said...

Ha! I like their style too--if the case solves your iPhone ills--but I wonder how many people won't. Of course, gents such as ourselves are their target demo...

I've been considering nabbing an iPhone 4. The iPhone 3G I bought about 2 years ago has been great. But it's been ssslllloooowwww lately. I take it you wouldn't purchase the iP4 again?

Matt, the Credit Union Warrior said...

@Josh AT&T has received much of the blame for the massive amount of dropped calls on iPhones. My 3G dropped calls all of the time, and my iPhone 4 is even worse. Maybe it's just reception in my area? I don't know. But I'm starting to convince myself that the hardware is as much to blame for these dropped calls as the network. AT&T customers who use other phones don't seem to have half the trouble as iPhone users.

Anonymous said...

I find that most of the problems i have with the phone are due to the proximity sensor, not because of AT&T or due to the death grip. I'm hoping they will fix this on 4.1