12 May 2008

Credit Union Warrior Featured on Currency Marketing's "Credit Union Innovators" Podcast

Since the release of What are you saving for? on April 1, things have been extraordinarily exciting around Members Credit Union. The success of this program has absolutely blown us away, and the public attention it has received has been overwhelmingly positive.

On the heels of this excitement I was asked to take part in Currency Marketing's podcast called "Credit Union Innovators" and hosted by Tim McAlpine (one of my favorite people in and around the credit union movement). We were able to discuss a wide variety of topics, including Football Pick'em, What are you saving for?, and the future of credit unions. Still shocked that I was considered for the guest spot, but had an absolute blast!

Give it a listen.

1 comment:

Jeff Hardin said...

Warrior: Congratulations on your successes with WAYSF! It's a great concept and it's so great to hear it's going so well!

Enjoyed the PODcast very much - keep up the great work!